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B²Hub Accelerator Program

Building Cities

One Business at a Time

Through BAM BIZ HUB, the B²Hub removes "isolation from innovation" while providing a valuable partnership to our clients “not” to have to go through it alone - with the necessary resources to ensure specific outcomes. We provide a strong foundation of community synergy capable of accelerating innovation, interests, and objectives that transforms the concept while delivering end-to-end solutions. The accelerator environment empowers face-to-face and online learning from "Thought to Launch" with knowledgeable mentors to inform, inspire, and expedite your opportunity while contributing critical services throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle. The aim is to rapidly develop smart business growth and unite the right resources to co-develop and deliver solutions that empower a dynamic market migration. 

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The educational components are slightly different between startups, early-stage, and growth-driven businesses. One of the significant differences is relevant to the number of employees; inventory requires exploring a greater understanding of cash flow. Startups are inquiring information to expanding their ability to be successful during and after launching. Much of the disciplines include marketing, accounting, and business administration, as these are crucial in driving the business while establishing a solid foundation. The team’s dedication ensures a high success rate sustained with specific education and business experience; the earned skills become the foundation of long-term sustainability. 


As an innovative startup, support is critical to enable a strategic trajectory that captures a dynamic market position. We provide successful business owners, academic professionals, and licensed professionals as mentors/advisors to develop the hypotheses/concept and encourage creativity that targets potential growth. Clients are introduced to best practices, in-depth experience from those that know your pain, gains, and renders the necessary knowledge to avoid common pitfalls.  The B²Hub delivers the expertise, knowledge, and skills to build startups and identifies market potential while providing the support services needed to succeed.  


Growth beginnings with researching new market’s to develop or fuel penetration that will suggest strategic partners while securing a fundamental foundation to sustain and grow with demand. It becomes crucial to diminish risk and manage a lean methodology that advocates a sizeable market and advances an imperative operational infrastructure. The consistency to search and identify new opportunities, markets, and strategic partnerships to leverage global platforms should persist as a logical exercise to emerge a rewarding business model. The growth column delivers the strategy to uncover opportunities, understand new customers while nurturing existing, using social media, redevelop the business model, and measuring what renders a return on investment. 


The need for capital remains critical to secure the existence of a startup, early-stage, and growth-driven business. Funding enables the company to meet the obligation required for the initial costs. Much of the expenses apply to acquiring office space, product development, equipment, marketing, or even inventory. Raising such capital is significant to launching and advancing market traction. Most startups require funding, and B²Hub has enabled our clients to interact with various types of investors, lenders while providing the ability to uncover grants. We work with our clients to sustain motivation, increase lending capabilities, and interact with our resource partners to discuss financial opportunities.



The host of the B²Hub is BAM Consulting LLC, dedicated to assisting in streamlining and advancing a significant value throughout development. Utilizing BAM Consulting's expertise, the proposal includes emerging technology advancements, critical resources, and unique solutions that generate paramount strategies focused on growth-driven capabilities with profound results using cost-effective services. Also included is;


  • Research on a local and national stage

  • Strategic business plans

  • Financial projections 

  • Patents, trademarks, and copyrights

  • Media platform development

  • Websites - Search Engine Optimization 

  • Phone Applications

  • Strategic Formulation

  • eveloping the business entity

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