The educational demands for a startup are slightly different from an existing business. One of the significant differences is relevant to the number of employees; inventory requires exploring a greater understanding of cash flow. Startups are inquiring information to expanding their ability to be successful during and after launching. Much of the disciplines include marketing, accounting, and business administration, as these are crucial in driving the business while establishing a strong foundation. The team’s dedication ensures a high success rate sustained with specific education and business experience; the earned skills become the foundation of long-term sustainability. 



Small businesses and various entrepreneurs are the backbones of our city. They can be a buoy in rough waters caused by a financial downturn while retaining steady inbound cash flow within the local economy. They provide jobs, city taxes, and patronize local businesses for their B-2-B, and most significantly, they’re at the forefront of revitalizing America. BAM BIZ HUB is passionate about providing the necessary support to establish startups to contend with a robust and complex market. We furnish an intense regiment of topic-driven, process-learning, and exploring to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. 



Growing a business demands the right intellectual capital, carefully deciding on strategic partners and products/services with significant marketplace demand. Beyond these fundamentals, sustaining growth requires a solid operational foundation – to diminish the business risks over time. Our growth component enables developing a lean startup methodology that advocates product-fit with an existing market’s assurance. We provide the necessary skills of professional and successful long-term business owners as a viable resource collectively with academic practice. Consequently, we view our startups as a logical exercise in search of a business model - capable of being tested to ensure success. 



Most of our startup clients are seeking the necessary capital or seed funding to start a new venture. Much of the requested monies include the expenditures for permits, website development, office space, licenses, inventory, and manufacturing a minimal viable product (MVP) to develop critical feedback. Other expenses include a marketing strategy or applied methods creating brand awareness. We can obtain the necessary resources to secure capital infusion - to enable the startup to enter a complex and robust marketspace with valuable resource partners and include investors to help with startup capital. 

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BAM Consulting provides both startups and existing businesses with strategic business planning, financial projections, market strategies, marketing campaigns that connect multiple social media platforms, and E-commerce websites. Our selected resource partners are from academia with a history of successful business owners. We are excited to include their capabilities to advance the hypothesis into a strong market position. We provide patent development, Limit Liability Company formation, online bookkeeping, tax services, distinct market research, branding, and so much more to ensure our clients’ are and remain successful. 

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