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B²Hub Accelerator Program

Building Cities

One Business at a Time

B²Hub Accelerator Program is a pillar representing the muscle-of-expertise with a perspicacious platform to advance execution. The program sponsors a 12/24-week agenda combining an aggressive approach with an online modular learning environment that integrates face-to-face interaction throughout the development. B²Hub provides the necessary methodology to develop sequentially and rapidly. The process increases the ability to manage information, build knowledge and skills, determine objectives while empowering industry mentors, academic professionals, and successful business owners to influence the development. 

The program provides comprehensive assistance to advance cohesively with a roster of activities to empower productive interaction. The process allows for end-to-end solutions while accelerating knowledge and skills. B²Hub elaborates on the core areas of risk, critical components to stabilize a solid framework, and contributes extensive resources to advance growth while improving sustainability. 

Financial Advisor


The B²Hub Accelerator Program can adequately identify the risks relevant to the hypotheses, market, or financial requirements while effectively implementing a meaningful direction as a proactive partner. Our supportive ecosystem includes a leading law firm, established patent attorney, industry experts, CFO, CEO, successful business owners, academic professionals, accountants, investors, and “all” are motivated to empower prosperity and drive our economic activities.

Many of our mentors are experienced business owners actively involved in their success and willing to devote time to broaden and deepen their understanding of the challenges. Their experience lends to assisting in developing the objectives, goals, and think-through strategies while crunching numbers. They provide insight into rough times and have new perspectives and pathways to success. 

Online Meditation

Online Development

The courses provided a fundamental concept of learning with smaller and discrete units to empower an aggressive development while focusing on content and interaction. These courses allow individuals to concentrate on specific topics, articulating the hypothesis while migrating into modules designed to facilitate a "road map." With a modular approach, mentors have an opportunity to provide an organized evaluation focused on improvement during each modular completion. The sequence of modular development is designed as a simulation collectively with an information-driven course.

B²Hub Accelerator Program provides valuable information from years of experience from a business owner’s perspective, academic accomplishments, and the combination of local market knowledge and competent skills. Online courses focus on information that allows you to speed up what you are doing when developing your startup. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you are leveraging their years of accumulated wisdom to launch your startup in a more calculated, strategic way. 

Modular Development 



Brainstorming New Ideas

Research your Market

Feasibility Analysis



Business Model Canvas



Marketing Strategy




Business Plan & Financial projections

Investor Fact Sheet

Award-winning pitch

Lending opportunties

Go-to-market strategy


Post Launch

Currently under development

Speaker with a Tie


The B²Hub provides a formulated approach from "Concept to Launch." The B²Hub Accelerator Program requires a commitment for 12 or 24 weeks and involves various courses, expert mentorship, and many resources as necessary to build a solid foundation for the lifetime of the business. The promise applies to all courses to remain up-to-date, and includes professional and industry mentorship, topic-driven videos, specific training events, and networking opportunities. The program enables a large reach with online capabilities to move the concept to market. 

Man Standing Outside Shop

Adavantges of this Program

  • NO COST Accelerator Program

  • Provides a Flexible Schedule

  • The ability to study anywhere

  • Pacing Options - 12/24 week

  • Improve the ability to launch successfully 

  • Increase strategic planning 

  • Generate a clear perception to improve longevity

  • Work with people that traveled your path!

  • Understand the critical components of the startup

  • Prepare for Risk to develop a bigger-pictur

  • Interact with investors and Experience Mentors

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