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BAM BIZ TALK is forging an on-demand personal connection to benefit surrounding communities, business owners, clients, and students. We plan to provide meaningful dialogue to advance highly interactive entrepreneurial conversations or discussions with “like-minded” on various topics and issues that motivate solutions. Typically, we will weigh the evidence, characterize the impact, evaluate alternatives, and develop action strategies. The principles of the podcast are to deliver critical information to optimize success, maintain growth opportunities with introductions to those who have walked a similar path, have robust knowledge, materialized practical experiences, and establish successful methods.



Angel Garcia and Michael Crain 

The BAM BIZ TALK shares information about new technologies, products/services, general information about multiple industries, various approaches to develop solid foundations, and strategies to build a business. The benefits to our target audience include time-shift and place-shift, expressing the convenience of our media consumption. The platform boosts the client’s ability to request topics, learn new things, keep up to date, and enrich personal inspiration. The planning of our client experience includes valuable insights from years of experience capable of articulating multiple perspectives applicable to driving theory to validate substance. 

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Topics & Downloads


Release Date: September 5, 2022

Episode Number: 00001

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia (Partners)

Special Guest: Not at this time

Topics Presented:

  • The introduction to B²Hub Accelerator Program and BAM Consulting.

  • The backgrouds of the partners

  • What is currently on the development table.

  • Current courses available and curriculum under development. 

  • Services provided and support given to clients.

  • Announment of future events hosted by BAM. 

Odeesa Mayor_edited.jpg

Release Date: September 16, 2022

Episode Number: 00002

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia 

Special Guest: Mayor Javier Joven of Odessa, Texas

Topics Presented:

  • Mayor Javier Joven Background in Business

  • His Father’s Methods of Operating the Family Business

  • Facts about Employer/Employee Mutual Benefits

  • Creating Brand Awareness, Brand Messaging, and Brand Equity

  • The Value of the Dollar and the Importance of Time

  • His views of governmental entities relevant to a business platform

  • What he Wishes for NEW Startups and Existing Businesses

Javier Joven
Dan Corrales_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Release Date: September 30, 2022

Episode Number: 00003

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Dan Corrales - City Council at Large, Midland, TX

Topics Presented:

  • Business of the City compared to developing a business.

  • Reward Staff

  • Develop a Contingency Plan 

  • Know your customers and be accessible 

  • Develop added value to maintain customer interaction

  • Understanding a competitive advantage - provided services

Dan Corrales

Special Edition

Release Date: October 12, 2022

Episode Number: “Special Edition”

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Susan Nash, Ph.D. Director of Innovation and Emerging Science; Director of Education and Professional Development - AAPG

Background: 20 years of experience launching and managing successful programs supporting energy and economic development and innovation in local and global contexts, along with developing educational programs, skill sets, and knowledge bases for agile, creative, and resilient individuals. She has developed programs to connect funding and commercialization sources with new services and technologies. 

Topics Presented:

  • Innovation and Commercialization

  • Current Innovation in the Oil Field

  • Team Perspectives – value added.

  • Discussion on Water and various Carbon collection

  • Carbon Credits

  • U-Pitch – Startups, Consortium, New Technologies…and more

  • What a pitch deck should include

  • The importance of knowing your audience

  • Reduce Complexities to enable the Audience to Participate

Susan Nash, Ph.D.
Jerry Morales_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Release Date: October 14, 2022

Episode Number: 00004

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Ex-Mayor and Candidate Jerry Morales

Business: Casita Gerardo’s and Mulberry Cafe

Topics Presented:

  • How Mr. Morales started in the Restaurant Business

  • Methods of hiring and keeping employees

  • Creating an Organizational Culture

  • The Effects of the Pandemic and the aftermath

  • Supply-chain and recession issues and the effects

  • Building a foundation for success - training

  • Advice for Small Businesses & Opportunities 

Jerry Morales

Release Date: October 28, 2022

Episode Number: 00005

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Ruben and Idalia Carrasco


Pachuco Mobile Food Co. and NEW owners of Johnny’s Barbeque

Topics Presented:

  • Underlining the essential skills and education

  • Methods applied to building a food truck.

  • Articulating food taste, menu, and sauces

  • Startup requirements to open a food truck

  • The process of Learning to make an Original Menu

  • The Food Truck – Selecting and Making it your Own

  • What is needed to move the idea into a Restaurant?

  • The Meaning behind the name “Pachuco.”

  • The Purpose – Motivation - Planning

  • New Food Items – includes Barbeque.

  • Creating your lane! Developing your own Experience


Release Date: October 14, 2022

Episode Number: 00006

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Sandra Crain

Business: 35 years of experience in retail, managed 12 stores and sustained millions in sales year-over-year. 

Topics Presented:

  • Business Livelihood hood is the Customer

  • Building Customer Relationships

  • Keeping it Fresh | New | Exciting

  • Method of Developing Customer Service

  • Defining Customer Services

  • Creating the Customer Experience

  • The Level of Service | CRM

  • Customer Service Model | Tracking

  • Purchasing Behavior | Pricing/Cost

Sandra Crain
Klah Spradeary_edited.jpg
Kalah Sprabeary

Release Date: November 18, 2022

Episode Number: 00007

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Kalah Sprabeary

Business: Owner of Hub Funding Solutions 

Topics Presented:

  • Optimizing a Financial Toolbox For Startups

  • Types of Available Funding – This is Surprising!

  • The GOOD, BAD, and UGLY of Factoring

  • The Differentiation of Capital Opportunities

  • Equipment Lending – Leasing Capabilities

  • Multiple Funding Opportunities

  • Line of Credit | SBA Loans

  • Methods to Secure Market Opportunities

  • Credit Baselines

  • The Advantages of Good Credit

Noah Bergeron_edited.jpg

Available Links




Amazon Music

Release Date: December 2, 2022

Episode Number: 00008

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Noah Bergeron

Business: Innovation Management

University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

Topics Presented:

  • Commercialization

  • Technology Transfers

  • The process of Commercialization 

  • Barries of Commercialization 

  • The Business Model

  • Funding

  • The purpose of development 

Noah Bergeron
Craig Stoker Headshot_edited.jpg
Craig Stoker

Release Date: December 16, 2022

Episode Number: 00009

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Craig Stoker

Business: Executive Director (501c3)

Meals on Wheels of Odessa 

Topics Presented:

  • Branding

  • Storytelling

  • Practical Application 

  • Testing the Market and Adjusting 

  • It's all about the TEAM

  • Fund Raising

  • How best to help a nonprofit

Kristen Chandler Pod Pic1_edited.jpg

Release Date: January 13, 2023

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 1

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Kristen Chandler

Business: Multibusiness Owner, Franchise Owner

Subway, B+You

Topics Presented:

  • The Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Grit and Determination

  • Resourcefulness to make something from nothing

  • No, just means not right now!

Kristen Chandler
Ken Noble

Release Date: January 27, 2023

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 2

Hosted by: Michael Crain & Angel Garcia

Special Guest: Ken Noble

Business: Leadership Coach

Noble Leadership Solutions, LLC

Topics Presented:

  • Daily Disciplines Determine your Destiny

  • Consistency Matters - Show Up

  • Overcoming Internal Conflict

  • Culture - Developing People, i.e., your TEAM

  • Teamwork and Collaboration = Success

  • Core Values, Mission, Vision, and Purpose

  • Leadership - Training the Leader to Lead

  • The Utility of Universal Laws

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