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Digital Devleopment

Benigno Bejaran - Mentor/Advisor


Professional Experience


Over 10+ years of graphic design experience, 8+ years of website design, and 5-years at a management level. He graduated from UTPB in 2016 with a Bachelors's in Management. Afterward, he worked from an assistant job with the Dean of Students to become the University's Graphic Designer. Later, he became successful with marketing development and was responsible for many of the school's designs during his junior and senior years. During his time in school, he was President of Enactus at UTPB from 2014-2016, where he grew the Enactus program substantially while working to develop community outreach and brand awareness.

  • The organization was awarded the Organization of the Year for two years in a row and helped pioneer financial growth for other organizations. Enactus was awarded the top New Organization during the Enactus World Cup Regionals in Austin, TX.

  • During their community outreach programs, the students helped local businesses grow by utilizing their knowledge and skills. This included creating websites, creating brands, increasing marketing, and even remodeling locations.

  • After graduating, he pursued a career with a private Fortune 500 company known for its management program. Using his creative skills and knowledge he obtained from his time with Enactus, he quickly made himself known and outpaced his peers to earn a location of his own in Midland, TX. From there, the location has seen success with numbers and goals achieved that had not been achieved there in over two years.

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