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Carri Folk, President of Marketing - Mentor/Advisor


Professional Experience

Carrie’s professional career commenced after her education at Christian Brothers University, receiving a degree in finance. She was acquired by Conseco Finance as a loan originator and quickly promoted to branch manager in Columbia, Maryland, and Dayton, Odio. After 10-years of securing home loans, consolidating debt, ensuring financial security, and training colleagues, it was time for a new challenge.  She sought an opportunity to alter her career at iHeart Media, located in St. Louis. The company utilized her finance degree and extended her creative elements. Her position with one of the largest media groups in the world provided extensive training on generating strategic marketing plans. During her development, the continuation of education included the ever-changing world of digital elements, live events, and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Her experience provided inclusive marketing solutions collectively with media outlets to empower strategic developments that delivered successful outcomes to all sizes and types of businesses. Her focus for nine years remained relevant to ensuring the success of national and locate clients that accelerate her to the positions of Account Executive and Sales Manager. After many years of experience, she determined to get back to the roots of media to reunite with clients. 

  • Her perception was conclusive to accepting the position of President of Marketing in Midland/Odessa, Texas, with Townsquare Media. Townsquare is another extensive media group focused on local businesses that provide digital products and developing strategic planning as partners to advance client goals. 

  • Carri's goal is to obtain the client's objectives that define specific outcomes while confirming market placement that drives results. She is a firm believer in structuring a marketing plan that signifies prosperity while providing extensive knowledge and experience to achieve expectations. Her expertise provides client-based solutions that recognize product-fit, brand awareness, and knows the correct channels to reach the target market.

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