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EC-Council Certifications

These certifications enable the foundation for every Electronic Commerce and Security Professional seeking specialized knowledge and advancement in career opportunities in network security and IT security, including disaster recovery, secure programming, and e-Business.

EC Council certification path is divided into the following levels:

  • Advanced

    • Advanced Penetration Testing (APT)

    • Licensed Penetration Tester | LPT – Master

    • Advanced Network Defense | CAST 614

    • Certified SOC Analyst (CSA)

  • Core

    • Certified Network Defender | CND

    • Certified Ethical Hacker | CEH

    • CEH (Master)

    • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst | ECSA

    • ECSA (Practical)

    • Certified Network Defense Architect | CNDA

  • Fundamentals

    • EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist | ECES

    • EC-Council Certified Security Specialist | ECSS

  • Management

    • Certified Chief Information Security Officer | CCISO

  • Security Awareness

    • Certified Secure Computer User | CSCU

  • Specialist

    • Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA)

    • EC-Council Certified Incident Handler | ECIH

    • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator | CHFI

    • Certified Application Security Engineer | CASE – Java

    • Certified Application Security Engineer | CASE – .Net

    • EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional | EDRP


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CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification demonstrates a candidate's skills and knowledge in assessing the security of computer systems and answering multiple-choice questions related to penetration testing techniques. The CEH exam validates skills in the specific network security discipline of ethical hacking and uses hacking methods against wired and remote systems, web applications, web servers, and mobile platforms. CEH-certified candidates also know about Trojan risks, refusal of service assaults, SQL infusion, and other threats.

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