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Celebration of Life
Michael Lynn Crain

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Michael passed away on June 28, 2023

Celebration of Life
Michael Lynn Crain

Michael Crain lived a life very few, if any, could compare or experience. His health journey began at the age of 31, providing a backdrop that would define his entire life. At 41, he underwent a heart transplant, a further testament to his remarkable resilience and spirit.

Born and raised in Compton, California, Michael learned from an early age how to navigate through difficult situations and negotiate survival in a chaotic environment. This challenging upbringing instilled in him a sense of determination and strength that would serve him throughout his life.

His entrepreneurial spirit was ignited long before his health became a priority. After his heart transplant, his life took a significant turn. Instead of living in uncertainty, he learned about his heart donor — a 23-year-old married man with a 2-year-old son who was a student at Arizona State University.

Inspired by this information, Michael decided to pursue the field his donor had chosen, Managing Information Systems (MIS). Not only did he obtain a BA in MIS, but he also earned his Master's in MISM from the same university his donor had attended. In a touching gesture, he gave the young son his degrees and awards, ensuring that the child knew his father's goals had been achieved. This marked the beginning of the pay-it-forward life that Michael led.

Upon moving to Midland, Texas, in 2009 with his wife Sandra, he volunteered at the University of Texas Permian Basin, teaching the class his donor would have attended. While he had been an engineer with no prior interest in MIS, the transplant had a profound effect on his career path. He served in a volunteer role for four and a half years at the university until he was convinced to join as a paid instructor. The following year, he received the Outstanding Teaching Award from the University.

Michael was acutely aware of the precious gift of life he had been given. With unwavering determination, he strove to make God proud and honor his donor every day. As a professor, he aimed to instill a passion for business, entrepreneurship, and success in his students. He worked closely with students in building the Roden Center, Enactus, and The Perch, teaching them the value of volunteering with organizations like The Salvation Army, Backpacks for the Homeless, Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals, the American Heart Association, and more.

Driven to do even more, Michael founded BAM Consulting and BAM BizHub to provide startups and existing businesses with opportunities to develop, grow, and expand. He carried the same entrepreneurial spirit into this endeavor, working tirelessly and expecting the same commitment from those around him. He lived by the phrase, "Live life like you stole it," a testament to his knowledge of the value of each day.

Despite the odds, Michael's transplanted heart endured for 22 years — more than double the expected lifespan of 8 to 11 years. He received a second heart transplant on March 5, 2023, and he met the challenges with unwavering strength and courage.

It took three hearts for Michael to accomplish his mission on Earth. He was blessed with love, strength, and courage, along with three grateful hearts. He is survived by his wife Sandra, his brothers Garry Crain and wife Carrie, Norman Crain and wife Betty, June Continlo, Skip and De Wood, the late Leonard and Shirley Crain, nieces, nephews, additional family, and countless friends.

In lieu of plants and flowers, please consider donating to the Michael Crain Entrepreneurial Foundation to provide student scholarships. Michael's most accomplished success was the education, mentorship, and leadership of students which had a life-changing effect.

Please see below, or visit BAMBIZHUB.COM to contribute to Michael's legacy of paying it forward and changing lives.

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