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Microsoft Office Certification Program

Start Date: August 21, 2023
End Date: October 11, 2023

Gain the skills required to pass the Microsoft Office 2019 Certification exam with intuitive information and extensive labs. The provided labs enable versatility while delivering a hands-on experience, replacing expensive physical labs. The Microsoft Office training empowers individuals with proficiency from course objectives in preparation for the Microsoft Office Specialist and Expert exams. It offers an interactive learning experience that involves creating and saving documents and using different document views, inserting, formatting, laying out pictures, formatting tables, and much more. Participants are introduced to SmartArt, 3D models, tables and charts, and the development of Macros. In the Excel portion, we experience logical and Lookup Functions, special functions, and developing various analyses. Moving into the PowerPoint application, we focus on creating and formatting shapes, working with images, slide transitions, and inserting graphics. The course provides all the information in class and online to enable the essential knowledge in preparation for the exam. 

Classes begin the week of August 21 and initial class onboarding will be on the 1st day of class, either on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the selected option. 

Course options: Weekly Discussion Session

  • Microsoft Excel on Wednesday's from 8am-9am

  • Microsoft Word on Thursday's from 8am-9am

  • Microsoft PowerPoint on Thursday's from 9am-10am

*Students are limited to one course. Must be a minimum of 6 students for a class to begin.



Validate competency with 59+ Lessons  and 413+ Glossary of Terms.



Providing 624+ quizzes, the assessment of your learning is filled with rich feedback that empowers you to prepare to the best of your ability. 


Flash Cards

Using 413+ Flashcards is focused on improving the aiblity to memorize, analyzing, and enriching vocabulary while building self-confidence and effective communicaiton. 


Test Prep

The course provides 134+ Livelabs to enable the nessary tools and technologies to various methods and aproaches to learn technical skills. 


Course Insights

  • Cost: Request pricing from Odessa College

  • Course length: 14-week Program

  • Class Includes “All” necessary materials. 

  • Prerequisite: None

Your Instructor

Angel updated_edited.jpg

Angel Garcia, MBA

Growing up in West Texas, Angel Garcia was no stranger to the oil landscape. Influenced by his father's dedicated tenure as a Senior Production Foreman at Conoco, Angel embraced the industry's intricacies early on. By age 12, he took his first steps into the field by perforating a well.

Angel's hands-on field experiences complemented his entrepreneurial ventures. Not one to be confined by challenges, he efficiently managed four distinct businesses. Concurrently, he understood the value of formal education in refining his skills. This realization led him to earn a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2016, specializing in Entrepreneurship. His academic journey continued with an MBA from the University of Texas Permian Basin in 2018.

Aside from his personal and professional growth, Angel has contributed significantly to the West Texas business ecosystem. One such contribution was his pivotal role in coordinating the 2019 Midland Entrepreneur Challenge. This event paved the way for emerging startups, bringing recognition to innovative ventures like Tall City Brewing Co. and Tex-Land Collision Center.


Today, with a healthy blend of hands-on experience and academic insight, Angel supports businesses in various capacities. From business operations and planning to digital marketing strategies and brand development, he offers a holistic approach, ensuring businesses in the region continue to thrive.

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