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Board Member

Petra Reyes, Brand Ambassador


Professional Experience

The term “scrapper” would be an understatement of the work ethic she provides. You can find her volunteering with Senior Link of Midland “Meals on Wheels”, Young Professionals in Energy or just showing up to show a sign of support for local charities and benefits for first responders, veterans, and children. All while running a business development service company in the energy-producing industry. Her experience in servicing both renewable and non-renewables has helped her be more diverse in her reach, skillset, and support base. She loves to tell everyone “Call Petra for all things petro!” And that means whatever you might need in the industry she can find you a contact.

Post Professional;

  • Petra is the director of business development and marketing at PetroGo Services LLC, a company she started in college as a “ticket signer” and evolved into a business development service company for both E&P and service companies. PetroGo is an extreme low-overhead operation that generates revenue from results for both parties.

  • She derived these skills from contract-sales and miscellaneous tasks she would contract through multiple service companies. Her big start was in environmental services. Ranging from construction to remediation, Petra was on the job either signing a ticket, checking on a site with a crew, or bringing the monthly breakfast burritos. She coined her favorite phrase “Call Petra for all things petro!”.

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