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BAM Networking Patio


The BAM Network Patio serves various occasions and purposes while equipped with all the right amenities. The Patio presents a warm atmosphere perfect for planning seamless meetings, training sessions, sporting events, family parties, and other social occurrences likely to remember. BAM Network Patio remains a significant advantage with diverse opportunities capable of providing complexities of event planning, planning a single party, or enabling an activities sporting event without the overwhelming process of small details. 

We are happy to share our resources to confirm the perfect party or to extend personal expectations. In addition, BAM enables numerous connections to floral design, alcohol, food, bands, and many other entertainment providers. The Patio has many amenities to ensure your guest feels valued, with multiple-lighting themes, high-end tables, chairs, couches, a large wall television, heaters, bathrooms, and inside counter space with refrigerator space. 

BAM Networking Patio

The Patio projects a backyard environment establishing a stylish appearance with simplicity. The space is adequate for various sizes of events that allow for personalization, especially for driving engagement, inhabiting a relaxing or formal environment, and being influenced by value. 

The patio enables a great location to assemble the right ambiance with music, food, and beverages while setting the mood with lighting to welcome special guests. 

Event design is creating a vision and then designing all the details to transform a space while integrating the environment. The Patio offers a fun outdoor atmosphere with plenty of room for food and drinks.


It maintains guests' comfort with nice furniture, throws pillows, outdoor rugs, and dependable outdoor colorful lighting to enable the event's mood. Patio presents the ability to create a perfect outdoor space with a few quick elements. 

The Patio facilitates the necessary room for various music requirements to set the tone of your event. DJs fill the role of an MC, keeping things lively with tailored playlists suited for your venue. In addition, bands can enhance creativity by enriching the event with the art of music design for culture and connecting with your guest while establishing the tempo.  

Live sporting events are always a crowd pleaser, increasing excitement and boosting competitiveness among family and friends. Many will watch the fights, basketball, or tailgate with their favorite football team. 


Square Footage: 1000 sq/ft

Tables and Chairs: To Accommodate 60-70 People

Heaters: 2-Outdoor Patio Heaters.

Firepits: 1-Outdoor Rattan Gas Fire Pit-Table. 

Barbeque Grill: 1-large gas grill

Bathrooms: 2 -Inside the Building.

Kitchen: Counter and Refrigerator Space

Television: 1-70” Wall TV and 1-10ft Wide Highend Color Projector with screen.

Lighting: Colorful string lights - Remote Mood Colors or Theme Setting

Parking: Much Parking in Front of the Building and along the Side.

Trash Cans: Available and City pickup behind the building. 

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