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financial industry

Mauricio Quintela, MBA  - Mentor/Advisor

Mo Quintela_edited.jpg

Professional Experience

Mauricio Quintela is a bank accountant that specializes in reconciliations, balancing, and audits for small and mid-sized community banks.

He is a native Odessan who grew up fascinated with health, history, economics, and investments.

After graduation, he practiced as a physical therapist and co-contributed a study involving a group and home-based Tai Chi in elderly subjects with knee osteoarthritis.

He then pursued his passion in history, graduated with a Master’s in history, and tutored AVID students.

  • He and his family opened a floral company named Ideal Flower Arrangements, LLC. As co-owner, he ran operations, sales, and accounting for the business - contributing knowledge to startups.

  • While at Ideal Flower Arrangements, LLC, he completed his Master’s in Business Administration and sold the business. He then pursued a career in banking as a bank accountant for WTSB and City Bank.

  • On the side, he is a user/website tester for UserTesting, Intellizoom, and Respondent with a 4.9 rating. He also loves retail investing and invests in stocks, bonds, ETF’s, private eReits, pre-IPOs, and cryptocurrency.

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