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Michael Crain, MS MIS, CBA
President & Founder of B²Hub



Professional Experience

Former “Executive Director of Strategic Economic and Professional Development” at the University of Texas in the Permian Basin.

Highlights include the most successful outcomes for the Small Business Development Center in West Texas regional history.

  • Climbing to approximately $21 Million in Capital Infusion

  • Created 46 businesses and produced 252-jobs in a single year.

  • His development of City (Midland & Odessa) challenges created a notable return on investment of more than $16-Million in City revenues while generating 100% success rates with winning businesses. 

Professional Experience

  • Crain’s professional career launched with Bechtel Corporation (the largest construction company in the world) on-site of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVNGS) located in Buckeye, Arizona. His responsibilities involved designing process piping systems for the nuclear containment, turban building, and cooling towers.

  • He became a Mechanical Designer for the 91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant in Phoenix, designing the activation of sludge processes, chemical treatment, and wastewater breakdown and developing an extensive piping system to supply cooling water for PVNGS.

  • Moving to Dallas, his new position as Senior Manager of the Mechanical Group supervised all mechanical capital projects and provided engineering support to Abbott Laboratories, Saudi Arabia Airport, and the Florida Hospital Project. 

  • Returning to Arizona, Crain started with Maricopa County (the third largest county in the United States) on a new path of designing bridges, drainage, and roadways and later was selected to attend Northwestern University to receive a national Certification as Bridge Inspector managing over 300 bridges throughout Phoenix and other municipalities within the county. 

  • He advanced to the position of Traffic Engineering Coordinator to statistically configure traffic patterns, time/speeds, signal light coordination, analyzing accident archetypes, and the redevelopment of the Red-Light Camera in partnership with a grant award from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to proceed with the design.

  • Mr. Crain completed his internship with Mayo Hospital, applying his knowledge and skills in partnership with the architecture and infrastructure team, developing SQL reporting, contributing to C++ and Java programming, and later working on developing a vendor database. 

Entrepreneurial Development


  • He decided to leave Maricopa County to begin an entrepreneurial adventure, originating with the startup of Crain’s Construction, building various high-end barns and fences throughout Northern and Eastern Arizona. 


  • Soon after, he and his partner launched a manufacturing company that grew to 272 employees, serving both semiconductor and aerospace, producing process equipment for cleanroom environments leading to global partnerships — clients comprised of Intel, Motorola, Kachina, Boeing, Honeywell, and Lockheed Martin.


  • His after-hours passion included a startup restaurant representing a high-end white-tablecloth restaurant and bar with a staff of 70, serving over 1000 customers each week with various top-notch menu items while introducing his sauces.


  • After selling his businesses and moving to Midland, Texas, with his lovely wife, he began volunteering at the University of Texas Permian Basin for the first four years until he accepted a position as Lecturer and Director of the Entrepreneurial Center. He was known for teaching Managing Information Systems, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Project Management, and Freshman Seminars. His contributions included a student-operated snack bar to receive real-life experience with substantial scholarship awards. Other enrichments embraced student activities such as Enactus, a global entrepreneurial club with a mission to assist community health and wealth projects while participating in regional and state competitions and winning awards.   


  • During his 8th year, he was appointed Executive Director of Strategy Economic and Professional Development. His responsibilities included preparation of the business incubator, Small Business Development assisting with a wide range of startups, interacting with sixteen counties and cities to advance entrepreneurial workshops, and redeveloping the Business Challenges for Midland and Odessa that currently provides $850,000 in a monetary award for business competitions.  



  • Completed Southwest Academy of Technology, achieving a two-year Structural Design Certification.

  • Attended Northwestern University and achieved National Certifications in Bridge Inspection and Traffic Engineering Coordinator. 

  • He attended the University of Phoenix, received his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, and graduated with national honors.

  • Attended Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business, to receive his master’s degree and graduated with Cohort and University honors. 



  • NACo (National Association of Counties) Award in recognition of the development of the Red-Light Program.

  • NACo Award for “Innovative Database for Standardization of MAG Drawings” 

  • The National Scholars Honor Society in recognizing personal and academic excellence

  • National Deans List serving all 50 states

  • Outstanding Academic Thesis Award at Arizona State University

  • Outstanding Teacher Award presented by students of the National Society of Leadership and Success

  • Beta Gamma Sigma - Outstanding Teaching Award

  • Regents’Outstanding Teaching Award reflects educational excellence and unparalleled performance

Personal Research and Business Interests

  • Branding

  • New Digital Developments

  • Education and technology

  • The Lean Startup - Defining Business models

  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management

  • Customer Value

  • Strategic business planning and financial projections

  • Designing phone apps for both Apple and Android platforms

  • E-commerce and marketing strategies

  • Please read one of his blogs.


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