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The Partnership


Midland Chamber of Commerce Business Incubator

Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s (MHCC) objective is to establish a leading business incubator to assist early-stage entrepreneurs while developing professionally, accelerate business growth and success while diminishing the likelihood of failure. The aim is to create new jobs, diversify the industrial base, and enhance the community’s quality of life. The purpose of the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Incubator is to achieve the following:


• Identifying the types of early-stage companies that are attractive to Midland;

• Identifying companies that are likely to be interested in MHCC’s value proposition;

• Develop a program structure that fits target business needs; and

• selecting the appropriate professional space.


Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Incubator has a goal to accelerate business growth and success. The goals and objectives of the MHCC Business Incubator are to;

  • Advance the City of Midland’s goal of increasing middle-wage jobs through economic growth, 

  • Help advance the City of Midland’s objective of promoting small business growth and workforce development in the Midland area, and 

  • Help companies get established and rooted in the Midland community – so that after graduation – they become permanent contributors to the overall vitality, diversity, and growth of the city’s economy.

B²Hub Accelerator Program

B²Hub Accelerator Program

BAM BIZ HUB (B²Hub) dedicates its energy and resources to advancing economic activities by establishing an innovative opportunity to research, develop, test, and grow with experienced business owners, industry experts, academic professionals, and skilled mentors. It is with knowledge that we seed future entrepreneurs with paramount modular learning (online availability) and community expertise through mentorship, resource partners, and online support to forge new ventures capable of driving economic sustainability.

B²Hub is divided into quadrantes to build business success; 

  • Education

    • Online modular learning (Pre-Startup, Per-Launch, Schedule-to-Launch, and Post Launch

  • Support

    • Mentorship program, Legal Assistance, Strategic Consulting, and Accounting 

  • Growth

    • Accelerator Program, Growth Strategies, and operational expansion​

  • Capital

    • Angel Funding, Venture Capital, Lenders, and various grant programs​

Collaborative Program

Collaborative Program

The collaborative and decentralization partnership enables a foundation for early-stage entrepreneurs with a supportive entity fueled by business owners, academic professionals, resources partners, and collectively with online modular learning capabilities to articulate concept advancement. The real benefit includes anatomizing the market, exposing various cultures, and presenting multiple professional perspectives that produce valuable feedback. The experience opens a new world of diverse connections relevant to resources, mentors, and influenced by educational trajectories.


The relevance of the B²Hub Accelerator Program is to; 

  • Enable the framework to solve a problem, develop an idea, confirm the value proposition while evaluating market demands associated with product-fit.

  • Create a conducive environment with community synergy to boost innovation, interests, and objectives while delivering end-to-end solutions. 

  • Provide face-to-face and online learning with knowledgeable mentors to inform, inspire, and expedite the opportunity. 

The B²Hub Accelerator Program enables an immediate plan-of-action to develop smart business growth. It unites the right resources to co-develop and deliver solutions that empower a dynamic market migration. 

Offering a Diverse Opportunity 

Offering a Diverse Opportuntiy


Member companies will be invited to become active in MHCC Networking groups and/or events.  This should be actively promoted to members on an ongoing basis This will be an important resource for member companies as they endeavor to grow and become successful.



MHCC recommends exploring and building a professional and technical knowledge network of thought leaders, service providers and community leaders that provide expert assistance to incubator members. The network will be made up of professionals such as:


  • Educational components - online and Face-2-Face

  • Mentors

  • Business Leaders

  • Venture capitalists

  • Angel investors

  • Bankers

  • Public sector resource



The concept of business incubation not only includes providing office space to members, but also offering various degrees of business assistance in the form of coaching, technical assistance, consulting, and hosted on-site professional development events and business seminars. We recognize that the MHCC Business Incubator cannot immediately provide a full spectrum of business support services to members, but will continue to develop a long-term plan to do so.

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