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B²Hub Accelerator Program

Our strategic partnerships empower B²Hub Team to bridge the gap by applying expertise and knowledge, enabling opportunities for startup, early-stage, and growth-driven businesses. Developing an extensive community relationship provides the necessary support to grow the startup, focusing on a social unity with commonalities such as values or the identity of what drives our culture. As a community, we provide immediate access to successful business owners, distinguished academic professionals, and community resources to encourage diverse and often competing motivations relevant to characterizing the business-community partnerships.  

The B²Hub Accelerator Program provides an opportunity to unify communities, startups, industry, and multiple resources to fuel economic activities while providing a significant reach.  The intention is to add value to those requiring insights, understanding of the community, and financial opportunity. Together, we provide an added value proposition to attract new ideas, businesses, and those seeking growth while retaining existing clients for the business’s life to reduce risk. Creating the right strategic partnership exemplifies the sharing of resources, mainly where those resources are technical and may expose the company to new and innovative solutions.

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City Partnerships

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City of Monahans

On the move to develop an outstanding business community


City of Andrews

Economic Growth with an ultimate plan


City of Pecos

Creating Partnerships to ensure success


Partner to the Permian basin

Working with Startups, Early-Stage, and Growth-Driven Businesses

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COMMUNITY Partnerships

Study Group

Midland Hispanic Chamber and Commerce

Incubator Program

Together Building a Better Opportunity For Startups, Early-Stage, and Growth-Driven Entrepreneurs

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Military Veteran

Peer Network

Dedicated to Establish Camaraderie and Trust with each other, Identifying and Vetting Community Resources and, collectively, Training and Volunteerism

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COMMUNITY sponsers

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