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The Education Quadrant facilitates a learning pillar to advance the business owner's knowledge and skills to strategically manage operations efficiently and effectively, achieving a high production volume output. B²Hub online courses deliver incredible value with up-to-date and relevant information that has outpaced traditional university curriculums. Therefore it's perfect for startups or a growth-driven business seeking the flexibility of learning while being challenged in a rapidly changing environment.  Although our development, we strive to provide significant subjects to sustain the business while national research illustrates a growing interest for online courses continue to climb year-over-year, surpassing the pace of traditional university enrollment. 

A good understanding of the business processes, concepts, and developments relevant to delivering a value proposition can help develop the business structurally to maintain market flexibility.  The courses provided are from accredited universities and colleges, with a wide range of choices to turn weaknesses into strengths while establishing opportunities. Our course selection is intended to increase knowledge and skills without the thought of - "long courses are better." The topic-driven courses are strategically selected for specific outcomes. 

All Courses are provided in Partnership with

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Most Popular Courses

Most Popular Courses

Customer Relationship Management

Course #BAM7430

Image by Blake Wisz

Participates will develop strong customer service skills, communicate to build customer rapport, understand customer needs, and handle unsettled customers to secure the foundation of excellent customer service. 

Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance

Course #BAM7168

Men in a Meeting

The course guide presents four growth stages and methods to fulfill, change, and empower complicated roles as a coach. Follow Rosemary Laack’s advice, and your team will start performing at higher-than-ever levels immediately. 

Certificate in Supervisory and Management Skills

Course #BAM7332

Successful Manager

A Certificate in Supervisory and Managerial Skills is for professionals wanting to develop their supervisory and managerial skills to advance the organization. B²Hub participants undergo new supervisors’ skills or a manager with experience to position the startup for success.

Management Essentials

Course #BAM7428

Image by Roland Samuel

Essential skills are required to advance progress, set clear work priorities, build great teamwork, listen to others, or perform a performance review. Each set of skills impacts how effective you’ll be as a manager or a startup owner. The courseware provides on-the-job exercises to evaluate performance, set clear expectations, and create the right level of challenging work.

Lean Manufacturing

Course #BAM6401

Image by Remy Gieling

The Lean Manufacturing course provides a comprehensive introduction to lean manufacturing concepts, terminology, techniques, and practices. In the first unit, the business will learn how to identify (and eliminate) waste and use value-stream mapping to capture the current state and visualize the future state.

The means to yes does not imply one side always giving in and the other losing. They are learning how to facilitate both sides, so both feel heard and are more willing to resolve and remain in communication—learning adaptive and compassionate skills and understanding and how to use those skills in practice.

Negotiation, Discussion,
and Mediation

Course #BAM7518

Two Businessmen

Reach an answer of yes does not mean one side always giving in and the other side losing. Today, it requires learning how to facilitate both sides, so both feel heard, and both are more willing to resolve and remain in communication. Learn how empowering it can be for both sides to be heard and feel they are winning.

Contract Law

Course #BAM2802-B