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Roundtable Discussion
Building a Business Plan

B²Hub is proud to nourish a platform that equips attendees with the necessary methodologies to produce a solid business foundation. Our venue presents critical topics and encourages sharing essential information to build knowledge and skills—the potential boosts and enriches the conversation while creating vital relationships. The opportunity delivers a variety of relevant topics to drive the exchange of discussion and offer valuable insight to grow subject understanding. 




The time allows us to uncover a wide range of concerned topics to fuel conversation applicable to expanding a business idea. The purpose is to enable better decisions and achieve better results from experience provided to the roundtable. The intention is to allow new perspectives and essential feedback to build a solid foundation for execution. Participants will be able to materialize best practices and methods of scaling profits, expanding revenue streams, and forming incredible resources. 


In-depth “Knowledge” enables a proactive environment while increasing and advancing a  “Strategic Business Plan” to ensure essential goals relevant to thought to launch. 


The importance of the Strategic Business Plan underlines the reasons to start a business, establish objectives, predict the future from a collection of facts, and the means to raise money. The process integrates the means to develop a strategy for sustainability and growth. Of course, an important reason is to attract investors, bankers, and other resources to ensure development while creating a path to success. 

Continental Breakfast

Danish and Tropical Fruits


Orange juice

Date, Time, and Location

Saturday; September 24

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

3107 North Big Spring | Midland | Texas



Mr. Crain's professional experience includes Nuclear Power, Mechanical Engineering, Senior Manager of Capital Projects, Bridge Design, and Traffic Engineering. His entrepreneurial ownership consists of a high-end construction company, bar and restaurant, and manufacturing facility developing process equipment for cleanroom environments for the semiconductor and aerospace industries. Intel, Motorola, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Kachina, and Boeing were companies that benefited from Michael’s custom process equipment. His most current positions include a University Lecture, Director of the Entrepreneurial Center, and Executive Director of Strategic Economic and Professional Development at a University level. President/founder of the BAMIZHUB (B²Hub Accelerator Program), Executive Partner of BAM Consulting, and Vice-President/Partner of Caballos Explorations.


Michael Crain, MS MIS, CBA
UT Regents 
Teacher of the Year


Angel Garcia, MBA

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Mr. Garcia is a native West Texan and grew up in the oil patch. His father worked for Conoco as a Sr. Production Foreman, and as a young man, he went to many distant leases checking on units and crews. Angel received an opportunity to frac his first well at the age of 12. His experience enabled him to operate four businesses simultaneously and obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship in 2016. Angel also received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas Permian Basin in 2018. Angel coordinated the 2019 Midland Entrepreneur Challenge to a winning conclusion ushering in several of the area’s most successful startups to date, such as the area’s first brewery and taproom, Tall City Brewing Co.  He continues to assist businesses with their operating, marketing, financial strategies, business plan, website development, social media, digital marketing, content creation, distribution, brand development, and so much more.

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