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BAM INstructor

Ruth Peinado, Teaching Specialization


Ms. Peinado has experience and expertise in several diverse areas of corporate and government operations. During my professional development and experience, she has held various high-profile leadership roles where I supersede all expectations. I now have over seventeen (17) years in branch operations and business development and five years of Oil & Gas stock and market cost study experience. I am currently OSHA 10 certified, Medic First Aid/CPR certified. 

Her background includes full responsibility for effective client relations, federal project operations, account prospecting, project and branch operations, and sales presentations. I have managed project budgets of over $525 million and ensured our company obtained the best possible pricing, determining and minimizing risk in the buyout process and reducing cost. I have also executed complex sales with a strong knowledge of product lines, industry trends, business management, architectural designing, computer graphics, and of course, the customer's specific needs.

Her motivation enables the honor of belonging to organizations where her contribution helps the foundation and growth of multiple organizations. Her determination and achievements represent several key factors: (1) a capacity for continued personal and professional growth, (2) advanced interpersonal and analytical skills, (3) a proven team player with the flexibility to adapt to situational demands, (4) personal desire to serve, and (5) a serious career commitment and a passion for excellence. I have worked in different and very diverse atmospheres allowing me a multi-cultural experience and gaining more substantial confidence and a reliable work ethic.

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