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Sandra Crain - Mentor/Advisor

  • As the CEO at EngVentions Engineering, his responsibilities included the Director of Engineering, and 3D modeling software specialist and instructor. He graduated as a Petroleum Engineer from America University at Bogota, Colombia in 1994.

  • After graduation, he started his career by working in the oil industry as a mechanical technician for oil and gas drilling operations, gained positions as Top Drive specialist, Drilling tools representative, and Drilling Bits and Drilling Tools mechanical designer.

  • During more than 20 years in the industry and education, he has worked for Canrig Drilling Technology, Baker Hughes (BHGE), and ReedHycalog (NOV).

  • Under EngVentions Engineering, he has designed Jet Pumps, Production Plungers, and drilling stabilizers. Recently he created and designed an Expandable Drilling Bit for Oil and Gas drilling applications, Mr. Correa holds a Patent under his name over a Mechanical Expandable Drilling bit.

  • Under Mr. Correa’s direction, EngVentions Education has designed a series of short courses of 3D modeling, using Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor platforms to deliver instruction to the West Texas industrial community. 

  • While working as an engineering instructor for ECISD, he sponsored a team of students who participated and won first place in the State of Texas at Project Lead the Way-Chevron-Ingenuity Center Design Challenge 2018, hosted in Houston Texas. He is currently working on a Master’s of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. He lives with his wife Lina, who is a school teacher.

  • His expertise provides BAM clients with CAD design capabilities to proceed with patents in relation to a product or process,  3D developments, and engineering design, calculations, and developments. 

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