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$1,000 Dollar Scholarship Opportunity 
Deadline: April 4, 2022

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B²Hub Accelerator Program

Building Cities - One Business at a Time

B²Hub Accelerator Program provides an educational foundation as an essential component to ensure a startup launches on the "right foot." B²Hub presents a learning ecosystem to advance the hypothesis while strengthening the entrepreneurial's determination and grit to to achieve success. The objective is to strengthen a strategic position created from developments that thrive, adapt to market trends, and influence opportunities while maximizing versatility. 



The focus involves sustaining a solid educational foundation that empowers skillful entrepreneurs, collectively increasing knowledge while inspiring them to become successful business owners. The Entrepreneurship Development Scholarship aims to support people interested in creating a business, increasing local employment, and boosting economic activities from an innovative approach. Entrepreneur education should intensify teamwork, collaboration, collectively analyzing data to solve complex problems while remaining curious and creative. 


We are excited to offer this scholarship, emphasizing entrepreneurship-focused curricula applicable to business management, business administration, marketing, communication, accounting, and finance. The applied curriculum is necessary to navigate through economic uncertainty while anticipating market growth.  


Students seeking to develop a business idea to become business owners must desire to study entrepreneurship-focused programs. Such applications include increasing business knowledge, cost control, performance, revenue, profits, and a holistic view of strategy and operations. Other engaging courses should improve competencies in analyzing information clearly and logically. Many business courses support the mentioned programs while promoting assertiveness to accomplish objectives and goals.


The qualifications include;

  • Must be a minimum of 17 years of age

  • Be a Senior in High School or a Freshman in a community college. 

  • Currently maintaining a 3.25 GPA.

  • Live in the Permian Basin area.

  • Seeking an Associate or Bachelor Degree relevant to Business, Marketing, or Finance from one of the three Permian Basin community colleges

    • Howard College

    • Midland College

    • Odessa College

  • Provide a letter of commitment to your selected local college.

Submittal Requirments

Note: Must complete the mandated Scholarship Application

Step 1: Click >> HERE << to begin the application


In addition to submitting the above application, you must upload a "Personal Packet" with the following information not to surpass 1,000 words;


  1. Personal Packet Preparation

  • Provide a cover page

  • Describe yourself, tell us who you are, likes and dislikes. (100 words)

  • What were your most significant life and school challenges? (100 Words)

  • What is Your Greatest Accomplishment? (100 words)

  • Community - Do you volunteer, work with the district, a church, or a nonprofit. (100 Words)

  • Explain your vision and interest in becoming an Entrepreneur. (500 words)

  • What would this scholarship mean to you? (100 words)

  • Enclose your Résumé.

2. The uploaded file name should have your first and last name without spaces. (Example: JohnSmith.doc)


Step 2: Upload your Packet >> Below <<

Personal Packet Upload
Upload File

We are wishing you the Best!


1.  The file must be a word document

2.  The name of your file should include your first and last name (Only)

If selected, you must provide and agree to the following;

1. You must provide two forms of identification upon receiving your check. 

2. Willing to come to our location: 3107 North Big Spring, Midland Texas 79707

3. Must be willing to take pictures and allow us to promote our program 

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