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Stephen Haskell - Mentor/Advisor


Professional Experience

Stephen Haskell is the Founder and CEO of OFS Inventory-X, his responsibilities include oilfield asset and inventory valuations, ERP software implementations, as well as financial consulting, and master data. Throughout his years moving up through the oilfield industry, Stephen has been a COO of a directional drilling company, a Software Implementer/Specialist for an ERP software firm, an ISO 9001 Certified Internal Auditor, and an MWD Field Engineer on drilling rigs. His expertise in connecting like-minded business personnel, improving communications, creating process efficiencies, and the ability to find additional value in companies greatly benefits, customers, colleagues, and companies.  

About The Company:


OFS Inventory-X is a full-service Asset Management Solutions and Inventory Consulting Firm offering third party asset/inventory services to oilfield businesses of any size. Whether it is an asset software implementation, company valuations, locating missing trucks/assets, or a true count of all inventory, OFS Inventory-X is here to serve the proud oilfield in all inventory and asset needs. 

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