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B²Hub Accelerator Program

Building Cities

One Business at a Time

The Support Quadrant enables sharing of information that substitutes assumptions with practical experiences while rendering solutions to encourage success. The support includes practical advice and essential resources to identify and deal with concerns. Creating the foundation is critical to advancing strategies, move the project forward, and focused on expanding knowledge and skills relevant to market development, legal aspects, accounting methodologies, and valuable guidance. B²Hub offers a unique and powerful interaction that describes positive role models that facilitate essential solutions to drive motivation with attainable facts.  

Our support pillar remains a significant foundation for startups requiring answers to various issues and concerns while reducing failure rates before reaching launch. Support increases self-understanding signified by effective methods that focus on issues, research for clarifications, and test to confirm market acceptance that drives demand. The exchange of information increases insight relevant to factors that contribute to the challenges and the development of strategies in moving toward generating necessary assessments, objectives and benchmarking the process. Such a process certificates the idea is executable, a market exists while establishing a scalable foundation. 


legal assistance

The provided legal assistance reflects supportive industry knowledge that guides our startups and existing businesses to understand critical entities requiring an attorney relevant to contracts and complex legal paperwork. Whether the startup or existing needs articles of incorporation, intellectual property protection, or legal counseling, our legal advisors are available to guide those engaged in the B²Hub Accelerator program.

Our efforts reduce the risk associated with specific legal issues, traps, and pitfalls that ultimately expedite shortfalls or formulate business failure. The legal team can enable the best defense relevant to legal vulnerabilities before the problems become counterproductive to the business’s survival. B²Hub legal advisors are up-to-date on current rules and regulations, loopholes and capable of foreseeing the multitude of legal challenges in the near, medium-term, and distant future. Sound legal advice often constitutes significant value that positively influences financial sustainability. The opportunity offers the ability to retain a traditional law firm, maintain legal resources ready for legal challenges while increasing the business value. 

B²Hub presents an Intellectual Property attorney capable of establishing and protecting intellectual capital. The benefits of interacting with an Intellectual Property attorney include rendering legal advice and handling legal disputes from infringements applicable to intellectual property. Our board member is experienced in Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights to safeguard and prevent unauthorized reproduction. He can guide development while offering his knowledge on regulations and interpretation of the applicable laws. 


Mentorship Program

The B²Hub mentorship program is built on successful business owners, industry professionals, and academic lectures in a positive environment. Mentors know the ropes and are knowledgeable of the Permian Basin environment, history, and encapsulates the familiarity of startups. To expedite the acceleration of a startup involves:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Providing historical insight.

  • Remain highly flexible and adaptable to various situations

  • Implementing cohesive experience to resolve critical problems. 

The assigned expertise enables specific outcomes centered on advancing innovative products/services, developing effective processes, and increasing market positioning from strategic planning. A mentor's focus is relevant to determining objectives, mandating benchmarks, and sustaining rapid progression to advance innovation. 


The team believes in business-led solutions, providing a high-impact, team-based approach with personalized services to validate sustainability with the ability to scale. The value-based offers support and guidance to ensure required resources while establishing the client's self-confidence to drive superior results. The Accelerator Program inspires outcomes, identifying risk, and implementing a consistent plan-of-action. 


Our impact cultivates and sustains relationships beyond entering the marketplace. We are continually reviewing the possibilities to determine growth opportunities, empowering the value proposition, evaluating the business model, and exploring contingencies to penetrate new markets.

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strategic consulting

The B²Hub focuses on providing a wealth of knowledge guiding startups from concept to launch from years of experience capable of successfully forming a strategic plan to penetrate the marketplace. The foundation presents various backgrounds, accomplishments, expertise, academic achievements, and business successes. The knowledge base includes;

  • Designing and controlling production and redesigning business operations through enhanced visibility & optimization.

  • Detailed understanding of financial assets and liabilities through developing accurate financial projections, forecasting business growth, and economic potential to confirm a worthy investment.

  • The team can help structure the organization with the right employees to add value while aligning the vision. The team understands the importance of flexibility in the business culture and the ability to pivot and prioritize innovation. 

  • With a diverse pool of experience, education, and business backgrounds, the team provides a disciplined approach to identify and mitigate risks to overcome shortfalls. From applied experience, influenced by compliance to decreases the risk while understanding all of your legal obligations before launch. Unforeseen circumstances and negative consequences are the results of careless planning that can plummet the venture.

  • With a great deal of diversity, the team can guide to ensure long-term goals, reduce risk, and empower more suitable decisions to achieve maximum market potential. 


The provided consulting advice is based on individual management styles to accomplish specific outcomes from a clear perspective of steering their business through rough water to smooth sailing. The purpose of assisting in the development provides originality, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box to deliver solutions. 


The Accelerator Program contributes new ideas, a unique perspective, and expertise that contributes to a dynamic approach. Much of the applied methods are diplomatic, however provocative in asking challenging questions as a critical benefit to building strategies influenced by a common goal. The process represents a result-oriented focus establishing significant benchmarks, milestones, and predetermined goals that define specific outcomes.


accounting services

Of course, when starting a business, most startups do not need accounting services. However, the need is most prominent depending on the type of business and its life cycle. In any case, the one-person band requires accounting knowledge to develop month-end reports and financial statements.  Before reaching the launch stage, startups should plan expenses, develop a budget, have a business account, implement digital capabilities, and surround themselves with experts. The general startup needs supportive accounting software, training, and the ability to capture multiple cash flows to determine its health and wealth; with software utilization, ensure the right selection to support various transactions, volume, and complexity. 

Receive the necessary guidance to open a bank account, methods to track your expenses, and implement a bookkeeping system. Be advised on setting up payroll and essential tax deductions and recognize the obligations to establish sales tax procedures. Other types of interest may include the methods associated with inventory, cost of goods, the ability to calculate expenses and understand various statements to develop market strategies. 

Throughout the post-launch, accounting plays a significant role in the partnership to track income and expenditures while ensuring compliance and performance collectively with quantitative financial information to enable important facts to empower the right business decisions. 

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